K3 Herb Is here

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K3 Original Incense 300x201 K3 Herb Is hereK3 Herb is the step child of  K2 Incense. After the k2 ban of 2010 something had to be done. So a few scientists put there heads together and came up with the new and improved k3 herb!

All New & Legal Everywhere, K3 Herb offers the most potent aroma yet!

What can we say but “way to go” to the K3 herb manufactures for bringing us the all new K3 herb Incense blend. When you buy K3 herb incense, you’ll be purchasing a combination of select herbs, botanicals and proprietary ingredients that make this a veyr pleasurable blend to enjoy. Better still, you’re buying an incense blend that is Legal Everywhere with zero legal restriction on the purchase or possession of this brand new product.

That’s not all! The all new K3 herb Incense blend offers a rich and robust aromatic smoke that is officially un-rivaled by any other incense product on the market today. All that combined with a super great price makes this K2 blend the must buy incense today!

We challenge you to try K3 herb! We’re just that confident that you will love all the benefits without any of the restrictions you’ll find in some of the older K2 blends! Give it a go today! You Can Still buy the original Legal K2 Herb At This Online Store!

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    I really want to try this k3 herb. Where can I buy k3 incense online?


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